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Welcome to my site of game programming.


Information posted here is my personal helpful hints and how to setup/trouble shoot 'step by step'.  This helpful information is given in a crayon version. If you are able to color; you are able to follow these informative articles.


I've been writing games off and on for about 30 years.  My first game was an echo of FROGGER on a COCO using a cassette tape drive to save my source codeShortly after that I started writing educational games for kids.  Now that was a blast.  Then life kicked in and I had to get a real job.  I've been dabbling with it ever since.  Recently I started writing again for my kids education.  Getting back into it to help my them has been great.  So I need a place to store my notes & information, what a better place than here where everyone else can learn as well.  Now that I know it's better to work smarter, not harder, it should be a bit easier.


Ren, AJ & Ash ->143


So, Game on...

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